Rewarding Her

pamperherI’ve talked about punishment, or correction, but this is only half of the behavior modification process you, as a Dom, should employ. You must also be cognizant of when and how to reward your sub.

Positive reinforcement is, in my experience, much better for training than punishment. One method is designed to encourage a behavior you want your sub to exhibit, the other is employed to create avoidance of an unwanted behavior.

The real question is this: what do I do to reward her? My method is quite simple but immensely effective. I tailor rewards based upon her top two love languages. What are “love languages”? Well, I am referring to the Five Love Languages as described by Gary Chapman. These identify behaviors that are most likely to connect with a your sub. Once she identifies what her top two love languages are (go here to discover), you can then design your rewards around what truly touches her the most.

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