A Sample Scene

Tiusty_Woman_on_BDSM_CrossI sent her a text, mid-day: Be on your knees, in the room when I get home.

“The room” is our play place. She knows to be stripped down to her bra, panties and stockings. There is a chain attached to the wall that she will hook to her collar as she kneels on the large cushion (a dog bed I picked up from the local pet supply store).

When I come home I take out my phone, connect the the Bluetooth speaker in the playroom downstairs and start the BDSM playlist. I then pour some whiskey on the rocks. For a few minutes I sit and relax, letting the day of work go and getting myself into the proper frame of mind.

Just as she is getting into the right frame of mind, waiting below, chained to a wall, so must I  get into my Dominant headspace. I hear the music below. I hand-picked the tracks for this specific scene type. It starts out slow, giving me time to unwind. I’m not rushed. I look at my drink, swirling the ice casually.

I’m wearing comfortable black slacks, simple white pressed-shirt, black tie and jacket. Finishing my drink, I stand, and head downstairs. I open the door and enter the playroom. It takes a moment for my eyes to adjust. It’s dark here, no windows, black lights. I like the mood it sets. There are various instruments of pleasure hanging from their hooks on the wall: floggers, leather crops, ropes, various restraints. It’s nothing extravagant. Simple and functional.

I see my pet, kneeling where she is supposed to be. I walk past her and remove my jacket and place it on a hanger in the closet. I then unbutton and roll up my sleeves to the elbow. Next I loosen my tie. Now I move over to the small dresser and take out a blindfold from the drawer.  I also take out some nipple clamps, a ball gag and the jar of lubricant which I place purposefully on the dresser top.

Blindfold in hand, I return to her.

“Look at me.”

Our eyes meet briefly and I smile at her just before placing the blindfold on her. I unhook the chain leash from the wall and pull her up to a standing position. I lead her over to the padded sawhorse. It’s top is a comfortable six inches wide. I place her on her stomach, her knees and elbows are on the side rails. The entire piece of furniture has been adjusted with a slant so that her ass is about three inches above her shoulders.

I walk to the wall and take the larger set of restraints. I place each one around an ankle. There is a metal ring on all the restraints that I use to secure them to whatever furniture I am using at the time. I grab the metal clip hooks near her feet at fasten each ankle to the guide rail. I repeat this process with her wrists.

Across the length of the sawhorse are three leather straps that I secure across her upper, middle and lower back. I take my time, being very deliberate. I’m familiar with the process. I’ve done this alone many times in order to perfect the performance. I’ve adjusted the playlist to match up the timing. I know what I’m doing. I move with purpose and confidence.

I take a moment to admire her body. She is beautiful, fully restrained and completely helpless. I softly place my hand on her arms and slowly drag it across her skin up to her shoulder. I pay attention to my senses. I notice the coolness of her skin. The anticipation and fear causes her blood to retreat to her larger muscles and vital organs. I feel the tightness of the straps across her back as they stretch ever so slightly with each breath.

I run my palm over her ass, moving toward her exposed and spread pussy. I feel the heat radiating but avoid direct contact it. Standing to the left of her, I begin to more forcefully stroke and slightly squeeze her ass, moving from cheek to cheek. After a few moments of fondling, the beat on the speakers picks up. I place my left hand on her lower back and raise my right hand into the air. I can feel her body tense up. She knows the pain is about to begin.

I like to start with an old fashioned hand-spanking. It’s a good way to get her warmed up and I enjoy the stinging in my hand. I don’t focus on any one specific area, making sure to cover her entire ass with hand-prints. Occasionally I will rub her ass, giving her a brief rest from the impacts. This is important. Non-stop impacts will become unbearable, quickly transitioning from pleasure to torture. As a Dom, you must read her body: how she squirms, how she squeals. You have to know where her edge is, bring her to it and then keep her there. This is a practiced skill. Don’t expect to get this right the first time you scene. Even as a Dom who is experienced with impact play, you may not always get it right, every woman is different. If you go too far, she will use her safe word.

After the spanking, I return to the wall to get my largest flogger. It’s about three feet in length, all leather. I begin by dragging the tips across her back so that she knows what I have and can mentally prepare for what is coming.

There are several methods for administering the strikes. You can twirl it which applies hits in rapid succession. You can use the figure-eight method which provides slower frequency. There is the up/down swing and the left/right swing. During flogging, vary the impact location as well as the type of swing. I use the beat of the music as a guide for rhythm. The three variables you control are: speed, location and force. Typically, you will remain very present during the flogging. You are constantly adjusting the variables to keep her on the endorphin ride without going too far.

Important: there will likely come a time when she moves into a space where she will not use her safe word, even if she should. It is your responsibility to control the force and duration of the flogging to keep her safe.

The “subspace” is her sweet spot. Today we will only be using the flogger for impact. Her pussy is dripping. I hang my flogger and get undressed, hanging my pants and shirt in the closet and placing my socks and shoes under the dresser, out of the way. I take the jar of lube (I like coconut oil), and stick two fingers in it and coat my cock. Standing behind her, I begin to oil her asshole up while letting the tip of my cock easily slide between her pussy lips, penetrating her with just the head.  I slowly work her ass with one finger, while continuing to give her short strokes, pulling all the way out before going back in.

After some time, I step forward, sliding my cock fully into her. I pull on her hips to fill her completely. I will run my arms up and down her back. With myself still buried inside her. I undo the three straps. I step back, pulling out and remove the clips from each ankle and wrist. I grab her leash and apply pressure, to bring her into a full kneeling position.

From here I can do a quick visual check, to make sure she is still aware and responsive. All is well so I go to the dresser and take the ball gag. When I return, I take this time to kiss her passionately. I break the kiss and put the ball in her mouth and fasten the straps behind her head. I have her sitting on the top of the sawhorse and slide her knees forward, so that her pussy is now on the lower edge and her head on the upper. I lay her on her back with her feet flat on the side rails. I will use one of the wrist clips to fasten the cuffs together and the other to secure her wrists to the center of the piece, behind her head. Next I use the remaining clips to secure her feet in place. The straps are fastened back, across her shoulders, under her breasts, under her navel.

Now she is on her back, head slightly elevated, legs forced open, hands bound behind her head, gagged. I walk over to the dresser and take the nipple clamps and put them on her. I know just how tight she likes them.

I return to position myself between her legs.  It’s just the right height for me to effortlessly enter her. She is putty and completely mine. She cannot move, even if she had the strength or will to do so.

I fuck her. I fuck her for my pleasure. Her pussy is there to serve my desire. I watch her tits bounce with each hard thrust. I have two hand-grips on the sides, near the center of the sawhorse. I grab them and hold tight while I use her hole. I feel nothing but her pussy sliding back and forth across my cock.

I alternate between fucking, fingering and kneeling down to suck her clit. Where I cum will vary. Sometimes inside her, sometimes across her stomach. Sometimes I will kneel down after I am done to savor the taste of her pussy. Sometimes I will finger her pussy and ass to more orgasms. It’s a performance, but the script is fluid.

The scene lasts about an hour. The playlist is 2 hours long. The last 45 minutes of the music is slower and sensual. The first thing I do during the cooldown is release the straps, unclip her ankles and wrists, sit her up and remove the ball gag. Lastly I remove the blindfold. I pick her up and carry her to the nearby bed and wrap the soft blanket around her.

Until her blood flow returns to normal, she will be cold. I hold her, caress her hair, whisper to her and tell her how much she pleases me, how she is a good pet, and let her know how much I value her. This is called aftercare. She may cry. Do not try and stop her. The tears are a release and a healthy, normal response. Just hold her. Let her cry.

Eventually, you can lay her down. Stay beside her until the music ends at the least. Ideally, you can both sleep until fully refreshed.

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